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The IEEE International Conference
Green Computing and Communications (GreenCom 2012)
November 20-23, 2012
Besançon, France

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Organized in conjunction with:

IEEE CPSCom 2012
IEEE iThings 2012

General information

Computers, communication systems and other IT infrastructure have been posing severe environmental problems by consuming significant amounts of electricity, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, and causing pollution during their production and disposal. To reduce these environmental problems and create a sustainable environment, new models, algorithms, methodologies, tools and systems are needed so we can generate green IT systems with high energy efficiency, low greenhouse gas omissions, less harmful materials and easily being reused and recycled. The goal of GreenCom 2012 is to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, and researchers to discuss and exchange their new ideas, novel results, work in progress and experiences on all aspects of green computing and communications, as well as to identify emerging research topics and define the future directions.